Virus attack

Welcome to another week! How have you been feeling this winter? Over the past two months we’ve battled a terrible intestinal virus, bronchitis, and strep throat in my house. I blame the warm weather. Do I want a foot of snow outside and fifteen below zero temperatures? No. But I wish we’d get some cold weather to freeze and kill all these vicious viruses.

Fallowfield United Methodist Church members made chicken pies last Saturday. I’ll let you know the exact number pies in next week’s column.

Shrinking churches is a theme I hear about all too often. Here’s some news that might lift your spirits. Jamestown Presbyterian Church is hosting an after school program called Wonderful Wednesdays. They bus about 40 kids from Jamestown Elementary School to the church for crafts, games, music, snack, and a Bible lesson. They even offer a free meal for all the children and their parents. It’s so encouraging to see kids learning about Jesus. Several of the kids from last year’s Wonderful Wednesday program have joined the youth group and gotten baptized. Praise God!

Are you following the presidential primaries? I think it’s worth taking time to pray for God’s blessing on this year’s elections.

Every February Abraham Lincoln’s and George Washington’s birthdays appear on calendars. It’s hard not to admire these men. One helped keep our country from splitting in two; one helped form our nation. Both were Christians. One came from humble beginnings and worked hard to keep preserve the union. The other came from a prominent family and worked hard to serve his country during both war- and peacetime. Let’s pray our next president is honest and will lead our country with as much integrity as these men did.

Have a wonderful week. Blessings!