Thank God for Snow Plow Drivers

Welcome to another week! I think I spoke er…wrote too soon last week about having a mild winter thus far. We sure got blasted last week. Snow is beautiful, though. Everything looks as though it were dipped in Cool Whip or dusted with powdered sugar. Even brittle goldenrods sparkle when covered in fresh snow. Winter is the only season that turns weeds into works of art.

Last winter taught me a few things. First, I learned that snow tires are a necessity in the Atlantic community. I got stuck – get this – five times last winter before I figured that out. I’m not messing around with all-season tires this year.

I also learned the value of hiring someone to plow my driveway. Until last winter I’d been spoiled when it comes to snowy driveways. I’ve always had kind neighbors who plowed me out whenever heavy snow fell. Last year they spent so much time plowing their own driveways that my neighbors were too weary to plow mine. Now I have a professional come and plow me out after it snows. Whew! Can’t put a price tag on that kind of peace of mind.

I praise God for our township and state snow plow drivers, don’t you? But I sure wouldn’t want to trade places with them. It must be a pretty thankless job. Think about it: they have to get up early and stay out late plowing treacherous roads. I attend a lot of township meetings. I’ve heard about residents calling the office screaming about the poor road conditions. But can you imagine plowing Carman Road? Ah! It’s so narrow. I’d probably have a panic attack and ditch the truck.

As in any job, all we can ask is for them to do their best. That’s all we can ask of anyone in any career. The thing is when I write my best column, it might elicit a smile. If I write poorly, you can wad up the paper and throw it in the trash. No harm done. But if the township plow driver can’t keep up with a blizzard, and I ditch my car, it’s somehow his fault. Right?

Maybe I ought to get those snow tires on. Today.

Stay warm and safe. Blessings!