Beautiful Blue

Welcome to another week! I hope you enjoyed the warmer weather at the end of last week and survived the bitterly cold weather on Monday and Tuesday. We’ve been spoiled by good winter weather thus far. By this time last year we had about a foot of snow.

Have you ever thought about the colors of each season? Christmas colors are the colors of holly: green leaves, red berries, and white flowers. Fall colors are brown, orange, and gold. These mimic, I suppose, the colors of leaves and Thanksgiving turkeys. Spring colors are like flowers: daffodil yellow, lilac and flowering crab pink. Summer colors are like the ocean and beach umbrellas: blue and yellow and tan.

Then there’s winter. Excluding red, pink, and white Valentine’s Day colors and green and white St. Patrick’s Day colors, winter’s colors are blue and white. I suppose that’s because of the long nights and snowy landscapes.

Have you ever sat and looked at a winter sunset? The sky turns the most gorgeous shades of blue. You can see the whole spectrum from aquamarine to sapphire.

Grab a cozy blanket and a hot drink and take a half an hour to watch the sun set this week. You’ll be amazed by the gorgeous colors. Remember: God is an artist.