Happy and Healthy

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

Fallowfield United Methodist Church had its Christmas Homecoming program on Sunday, December 20. The most memorable performance came from our senior citizens’ Sunday school class. They sang “Jingle Bells” and threw soft, snowball-shaped balls at the audience when the song ended. Nobody expected it and the whole audience laughed.

Fallowfield United Methodist Church carolers visited five sweet people in the Atlantic community on Monday, December 21. My kids and I caroled and had a blast. It was heart-warming to see the smiles on their faces while we sang. Most of them sang along with us. We gave fruit and cookie baskets to each shut-in. One precious lady offered us homemade fudge.

Christmas week was…eventful in my life, to say the least. My car’s head gasket blew, my son and daughter got sick, and then they shared it with me. I ran out of one of my prescription medications and the two doctors who could’ve prescribed it were on vacation for – get this – two weeks. Seriously? The only people I know of who get two weeks off at Christmas attend or work at a college or university.

People often wish each other a happy and healthy New Year. Having suffered through a week with a stomach bug, I can honestly say that I sincerely wish you a happy, healthy New Year.