Be kind unto others, or a spider in the grain bin

...and on the eighth day God created the horse in perfect image, to romp, graze, gallop, play, and make manure wherever it darn well pleases, in divine grace.

“Bless the beasts and the


for in this world they have no voice,

they have no choice,

...for the world can never be,

the world they see.

...Light their way...

...give them love...

...and shelter from the storm...”


So this long-haired carpenter-dude sat down by a wellspring one time, and as He kicked off his sandals, He said that we should love one another as ourselves, and to be kind to strangers,

“...for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” (2)

Last summer, out at the barn, I went to grab some old rubber feed pans off the floor from under the harness stand, because the horses were being pastured outside, and the feed tubs are how they get their grain at suppertime.

The pans were upside-down, covered in hay and cobwebs, and when I went to clean them out, I noticed a spider in one of the pans, in some webs, and she had an egg case positioned there.

She was at the edge of the web, about a 2 inches away from the egg sack, and as I cleaned out the pan, she slowly made her way over to the eggs.

I stopped for a moment to watch as the mother spider crawled on top of the egg case and then hunkered down, using her legs and body to cover up the egg case, in an effort to shield her babies from me.

She stayed right there, unmoving and unafraid, clutching that egg case.

Folks, it really made me pause.

I observed one of Earth’s lesser creatures showing more compassion, value, caring, and protection, than some of the humans walking around, who are supposed to be the “superior” creature and steward of the land.

I saw Casey Anthoney was back in the news again, and I just had to return to the image of that mother spider protecting her eggs...

Needless to say, I safely tucked that feed pan away, back behind a bale of hay, so the mother spider didn’t have to worry, and I got another one out for the horses.

There seems to be a downward slide in ethics and manners, out in the general public, along with an increase in hate and violence.

No one seems to say Please or By-Your-Leave anymore, and to receive a Thank you card via the US Post is a shock.

Videos and cinema movies are disgusting and vulgar, and are passed off as comedy by Hollywood and Gomorrah.

When I read the appalling crime stories in the newspapers on what people do to children, I have to wrap my brain around the fact that animals fall into that category, also.

And these perpetrators are among us, passing themselves off as human beings.

So here’s a shocker for you : There is a Satanic Agenda alive and well on planet Earth, spreading its hate, discourse and division throughout humanity.

Some brief history looks at the demon Moloch, an ancient entity, called upon for Satanic Ritual and human sacrifices in pre-biblical times.

Animal sacrifice is mentioned in the Bible, (3) and prior to the times of Christ, children were also given up in blood sacrifice to the demon Moloch. (4)

When a person makes a covenant with Satan or Moloch, they bind themselves and their soul to feed the ideas and energy to that entity, in exchange for material and earthly gain, and privilege.

In modern times, ongoing Satanic Ritual continues, with both animals and children being sacrificed for power, money, and earthly or material wealth. (5)

Just because you don’t see it, or are not aware of it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

The Lord Jesus Christ was the last blood sacrifice ever required from mankind, with His subsequent triumph over death.

Where did the belief originate that if a child or animal is killed in blood sacrifice ritual, that personal wealth and power can be obtained?

“Value” is placed on the ritual abuse and killing of animals and children, and this very sick mind belief supports the idea that “vital essence and power” comes from these rituals.

Children are abducted, as are animals and even people’s pets, or, if the perpetrator is a Satan worshipper, they will actually give up their own child or animal. (6)

People who are (political, disaster) refugees are targeted, along with orphanages and poor people.

Forced child slave labor and Tribal Black Magic is perpetrated in Africa now, today. (7)

Stray animals are picked up right off the street, and because no one places any value on a human life, even less value is placed on an animal’s life; no one notices any of these sad beings has gone missing.

Satanic Ritual Holidays are common times for this type of activity to take place, along with lunar cycles.

This is not human.

Anti-human value systems generated by the media, television and magazines, show that sex, hate, and violence perpetrated on each other is normal, acceptable, and all right.

Intentional deceit and manipulation of society is used, as children grow up in a trauma-based architectures of aggression, turbulence, division, separation, and lack of empathy, along with an abuse of spiritual principles.

This generates a machine-android mindset of lack of empathy and compassion for all living things.

This is a very important principle to understand.

When anger, aggression, and “no ethics,” are predominant in a “vibration,” and a way of life, these feelings are emanating out from adults and family members on to the children, with no spiritual values in place, and it becomes a way of life.

When there is no education, love, mores or values shown for how things should be done in a caring, kind, loving society, the outcome is one of degradation, darkness and hate.

The adults are actually reinforcing the abusive behaviors on to the children, from generation to generation.

Through ongoing and consistent dissociation, distancing, and de-sensitization of spiritual virtues, including compassion for all living things, patience, diligence, love, kindness, and generosity, these children grow up into dysfunctional adults who are de-humanized beings without souls or consciences.

There is no reverence for life of any kind, human or animal.

Torture of animals is commonplace and people seem to be capable of anything. Heinous actions and depraved behavior, combined with a lack of understanding of things, creates fabricated delusions, as humans separate themselves from God and His Love. (8)

This topic is very unpleasant to discuss and comprehend.

There is indeed a worldwide Satanic Agenda, some of which is Satanic Ritual, the SRA.

These abusers have no self-respect, no personal boundaries, no emotional coherence. (9)

Someone who abuses animals or children in extreme physical brutality has been infiltrated by dark forces and they are operating on a psycho-socio-pathic format.

Propaganda that denies the truth of Satanic Ritual, or telling the public that it doesn’t exist, or pretending that it doesn’t exist, allows children and animals to suffer in silence.

Spiritual communities must become more aware of this reality and must unite in prayer; it isn’t just devil worshippers in black robes chanting and dancing around an alter.

It is human trafficking, forced slave labor of children, the sex trade of children and human beings, it is puppy mills, it is starving animals, it is overbreeding of animal populations.

It is the hate agenda and the opposing dark forces at work.

If you can see the big picture, try this thought,- that animals and children look to us for their safekeeping, their shelter from the storms of life, their well-being, their every need. They are helpless and small.

When this is shattered through hate and abuse, the Satanic Agenda is perpetrated and spread, like an evil plague encompassing the world.

Humans must unite in the Virtues of Christ, to promote Love, Humility, Kindness, Empathy, Patience, Compassion, Forgiveness, Conservation, and Diligence.

By bringing in love and awareness to our own Souls, we can bring things back into balance, into Divine Right Order.

By giving a voice to animal or child abuse, by becoming aware of the Satanic Agenda, the eternal fight of good versus evil, the Heart of Humanity can start to heal.

Truth is difficult, but Truth is enlightening, and it sets everyone free.

Being compassionate about other living things nurtures our direct spiritual relationship to the Christ, and to God’s eternal loving spirit.

Denying the existence of the Devil, or denying the existence of other spirit dimensions or realms, denies the very nature of what and who we are as Divine Spirit Beings, the Children of God.

Saint Michael threw Lucifer and friends out of Heaven a long time ago; these creatures, these entities, are Arch-angels, with psychic abilities, super strength and supreme knowledge.

Their agenda to destroy mankind has never ended; the ungodly things we see on tv and in the newspaper is testimony to their hate, divide, and conquer agenda.

We must empathize and revere all living beings as sacred, and we must recognize that we all share this planet with many other forms of life, such as plant kingdoms, animals, rocks, water, and many forms of spiritual forces.

Now is the time, Earth is the place.

Don’t believe me? Let’s you and me play show and tell sometime at 3 am, and then I’ll tell you and thing or two about spiders in the grain bin.

We must nurture our direct relationship to the true Power of God, and nurture our animals and children, in God’s eternal loving Spirit.

We must become compassionate Witnesses for the beasts and the children, who cannot speak for themselves.

Do your part and educate children, to nurture their connection to animals and the living creatures of our beloved Mother Earth.

We must integrate spiritually and realize that harm caused to other living beings creates trauma to the entire, living, breathing Consciousness of the planet.

The Native Americans had it right all along; everything is interconnected in the vast

“Butterfly Effect.”

And heck, while I’m on it, the Hippies were right, too, - - Love to All.

Report child or animal abuse to the proper authorities.

I recommend watching the two Utube videos on the internet for, “ Bless the Beasts and the Children,” posted by buyakga1946, and the second one posted by Woodsong Productions.

I strongly believe that a tipping point is rapidly approaching on a swiftly tilting planet, and that by following the Virtues of the Christ, our world can begin to heal.

Remain diligent.

Reporting from the other side this week, and I think you should take a peek at it sometime, to the immortal words of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, “Happy Trails to You.”

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