The man who dances with horses

...and on the eighth day God created the horse in perfect image, to romp, graze, gallop, play and make manure, wherever it darn well pleases, in divine grace.

Everyone loves to watch beautiful horses. Beautiful horses running, interacting and even laying down.

I recently discovered Frederic Pignon and Cavalia on Utube, and if you have the time, log on and prepare for some stunning images of some awesome horses in motion

Pignon and his wife, Magali Delgado, created an amazing horse performance show that rivals the Lippazon Stallions.

Delgado is a Grand Prix level Dressage rider, and also of haute ecole. Her parents raise Lusitano Horses full time.

Pignon and Delgado grew up around animals and were married in 2003.

They have worked with famous horse trainers such as Dressage whiz Linda Tellington-Jones and Corky Randall, who trained the horse in the film, “The Black Stallion.”

They have also worked with Don Manuel Vidrie Gomez from the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art.

Pignon and Delgado also founded “Cavalia,”a traveling horse performance show that features costumes, stunt riding and Liberty action.

Cavalia toured the US and Europe between 2004 and 2009.

Pignon and Delgado revolutionized the horse training world when they acquired a Lusitano stallion named, “Templado.” The name means, “Moderate,” in musical terms, but he was anything but moderate.

Templado was very problematic and no method of training was working. The horse could have been sold off or slaughtered.

He viewed training to be an infraction upon his freedom, and never grew accustomed to being ridden throughout his whole lifetime, instead preferring the Liberty-style of working.

He was unforgiving and had reached the borderline of being dangerous.

Pignon was very patient, but was constantly being tested by the stallion.

He and his wife tweaked their unique training methods, which are based on horse-philosophy, the true nature of equine, patience, ethics, and natural behaviors.

They strongly observe the true nature of equine and horses interacting with each other, herd behaviors, playfulness, intelligence, and communication ability.

They have written several books on their methodology, including, “Gallop to Freedom: Training Horses with the Founding Stars of Cavalia,” and, “Building a Life Together: You and Your Horse, Nurture a Relationship...,” and, “ Templado: A Star at Liberty,” and, “Templado the Whisperer.”

Templado was very beautiful and had a mane that came all the way down past his knees. The mane was like Rapunzel’s hair, flowing, beautiful and long, long, long.

He is now deceased, but was world-famous in magazine articles in tv commercials.

He performed with other stallions, including Aetes and Fasto on tour, but he was the star of Cavalia, performing in the traveling troupe as a Liberty Horse.

Pignon performs in the Liberty shows of Cavalia with nothing but a lounge whip.

Horse people are left wondering, “How does he do this?”

See it for yourself online.

Many of the performances include two lines of horses, with six horses in each line, all beside one another.

They trot around Pignon in a big pinwheel, then they all line up, then they all lay down, pretending to be asleep.

The cuteness factor comes in because there is a small, white Shetland pony performing with the troupe, and he is on the outside, trotting around.

Pignon also works with Friesians, Lippazoners, and Arabians.

Check out Frederic Pignon on Utube, type in “Frederic Pignon London International Horse Show 2015,” and, “Frederick Pignon et ses etalons.”

Also see on Utube the “Tribute to Templado,” for some beautiful images of the stallion, with singing and harp music.

Pignon displays a civilized horsemanship with the stallions he works with, and I think you will enjoy watching the videos.

More next week.

In an awe-mode of the equine species, I close for this week with the immortal words of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, “Happy Trails to You.”