Joy to the World and other year end blessings

...and on the eighth day God created the horse in perfect image, to romp, graze, gallop, play, and make manure wherever it darn well pleases, in divine grace.

Christmas greetings to all, and to all of our furry and hoofed friends, as well.

Now is the time that we gather to remember days of yore and Christmases past, and to light a fire in our hearts for hope, goodness and peace.

Twittering winter Chicadee birds flit about the yard and the bright red Cardinal wears his majestic coat just because, while candlelight and spruce, and frost and sleigh bells fill our ice-glazed nights.

Sugar plums really do dance through our heads, and since everyone is down for a long winter’s nap, who was running the toy train under the Christmas tree?

It’s haunting whistle fills our dreams, and wisps of steam and smoke tangle with our sleepy souls, as perhaps we feel that old pending excitement that something wonderful is about to happen.

Was it Saint Nicholas himself, pausing on his long journey of gift- bestowing?

Or perhaps is was a friendly Christmas ghost, trailing ‘round the house.

Mary and Joseph traveled by donkey a couple of millennia ago, and spent quiet time in a humble stable as the Savior of the world made His unpretentious debut.

The stable was a lot more peaceful than the rowdy inn, and the animals in the stable were happy to share their manger with Baby Jesus.

The very gift of his Divine presence coming into our dreary world is the best acquisition that anyone could ever receive.

Just the very thought of His caring, patience, guidance, divinity, light, and assistance for us in all that we do, all that we are, and all that we will ever be, is far beyond what words can express.

Please take the time to cherish the gifts that you receive now and that you have received in the past, the things you cannot touch.

The smile from a special person and the sound of their voice, the twinkle in the eyes of a favored pet as they look at you, a story told to you by someone who meant a lot to you, who isn’t around anymore, or an inside joke or special nic name shared by someone exceptional.

It might be experiences in an old shop that had a wooden floor, or the smells that were inside there, be they anything. It might be visits from an old friend who is no longer with us, or the sound of their laughter.

What we wouldn’t give for one more story, one more camp fire, one more walk, one more chance to hear that person laugh, or to be able to pet or run with a special animal we once loved.

This makes us appreciate what we have, while we still have it; enjoy it now, for you never know when it will be gone for good.

It is rare that the things we love remain by our side forever.

Take the time now to fully realize what is truly important and what the true gifts from God in our lives really are.

Soon a brand new year will be ushered in all over this great land of ours.

I hope the bells that are ringing are Liberty bells, reminding us of our freedom and our wonderful blessings of living where we do; may your New Year be peaceful and prosperous.

Keep the snow off your sleigh and the ice off your tails.

Do kiss your mother and your horse, thank a US Veteran, and be kind to strangers, for some have thereby entertained angels unawares...

Thank you to all of the fans who read “Horsin’ Around” every week, I appreciate your faithfulness, and your kind words and emails.

We’ll talk again next year.

Smiling right at you from a warm fireside, my furry friends and I leave you with the immortal words of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, “Happy Trails to You.”