Headlines for November 13, 2017

School board approves GSA club
Written by David Shaef

Conneaut School Board members, voting 7 yes, and 2 abstaining, approved a request to allow the formation of a CASH GSA Club, i.e., a CASH Gay-Straight club, that will provide a safe place for students who may need support in their life style living, a way for others to become understanding of the wide variety of student beliefs, and a way to provide support for all students.

George Joseph, school board lawyer, advised that the federal government passed legislation some years ago that when there is a limited open forum that such clubs cannot be denied the right to exist, or be formed.

The limited forum rules note that if the school allows other non-curriculum-type clubs than others can’t be restricted. He pointed out one example would be a chess club in the school, if it is allowed, then other clubs must be allowed.


Conneaut Lake councilman Haddix resigning seat on boro council
Written by Roseanne Staab

The Conneaut Lake Borough Council held the November public meeting, with Council members Mike Krepps, Ken Haddix, Penny Monahan, Mayor Timothy Kaider, Dick Holabaugh, John Chuey, and Bill Eldridge in attendance. Councilman Billy Paris was absent. Secretary Beverly Mobley took the minutes and there were 3 citizens present.

Also present was CL Borough Mayor-elect John O’Grady, and PA State Representative Parke Wentling, along with the media.

All stood to salute the American flag.

Council welcomed Mayor-elect O’Grady, with congratulations; he will be sworn in at the Re-Organizational meeting in January 2018.

Councilman Ken Haddix announced that he will be moving out of the Borough, and thus vacating his seat on Borough Council; Council will appoint a new member in January of 2018. Interested persons who would like to sit on Council must reside within Borough limits; make inquiries at the Borough Office on High Street.

Solicitor Jeff Millin announced that the mandatory bi-yearly Re-Organizational meeting will be held on January 2, 2018, at 7 pm.

Vote for His Work

Jean Shanley announced a contest being held at local Palmiero - See Vote page 7


North Shenango leaders looking at gun shooting ordinance for township
Written by Roseanne Staab

North Shenango Township held the October public meeting with Supervisors Dan Dickey, Eloise Settlemyre, and Bill Emerick in attendance. Secretary Donna Kean took the minutes and there were 10 citizens and various officials present. All stood to salute the American flag.

For Public Comment, a man who had been at the September public meeting took the floor to speak to Road Master Dan Dickey regarding the road in his neighborhood.

He said there is an ongoing water and flooding issue there, and that a ditch should be dug.

Some stone was dumped by the township in the vicinity, and the road was widened, but he believes the road will sink and the stone will disappear.

The man spoke directly to Solicitor Alan Shaddinger, saying that there is an Ordinance Review Committee for the township, he sits on that Committee, but there hasn’t been any progress on Ordinances.

He asked if Shaddinger was going to rescind any existing Ordinances.

The man was referring to old Ordinances and the ongoing implementation of an RV Ordinance to address dead RV’s and camper trailers that are laying around in people’s yards.

Emerick responded by saying that there is a Property Maintenance Code for the township, and that the officials are reviewing a sample Ordinance from a nearby township that will address this issue.

The man stated that there are people in NST who are sleeping and living in camper trailers.

The RV Ordinance continues to be developed.

Code Report

For the Code Report, CO Don Ott noted some complaints that he has received.

One is on Perch Drive for various boats and camper trailers laying around in the yard. The other is from 1st Street, - See code page 18

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