Headlines for October 16, 2017

Lake Elementary noted for test score improvement
Written by David Shaef

Conneaut School Board members were told at their meeting Wednesday evening that Conneaut Lake Elementary School received a distinguished high award for showing improvement in test scores in the past year.

Board members present at the meeting were John Burnham, Kathy Klink, Jamie Hornstein, Cheryl Krachkowski, Dot Luckock, Tim McQuiston, and David Schaef. Absent were Don Ellis, Jr., and Jody Sperry.

In other matters at the October voting session, the resignation of part time office aide at Conneaut Valley Middle School Dawn Buttray was accepted while the following were appointed to coaching positions, Ashley Dolan, assistant softball coach; Rick Jones, assistant girls basketball coach; and Dan Philson, assistant boy’s basketball coach. Rick Askey, Valley Middle junio high boy’s basketball coach; and Jennifer Stevenson, Valley Middle School student council advisor.

Wes Gerber was appointed a wrestling volunteer coach and Joe Lucas was appointed a boy’s basketball volunteer coach at Valley Middle. The resignation of GReg Dinsmore at Lake Middle School student council advisor was also approved.

Burnham abstained in the vote to pay September bills and food service bills without explanation as he typically does. Bills listed covered over 100 pages of information, Schaef asking several questions on the bills prior to the meeting.

Schaef and Burnham voted no on a long list - See List page 20


Conneaut Township budget takes whack due to truck and back hoe purchases
Written by Roseanne Staab

Conneaut Township held the October public meeting with Supervisors George Greig and Timothy Greig in attendance. Supervisor Josh Fusco was absent. Secretary Telce Varee took the minutes and there were 11 citizens present. All stood to salute the American flag.

Supervisor George Greig announced that the public meetings will switch to winter hours, starting next month in November. The regularly scheduled township meetings will now be held at 5:00pm, beginning on November 14th.

He added that Conneaut Township Trick or Treat will be held on Thursday night, October 26th, from 5:30 pm to 7 pm.

George Greig then spoke about the 2018 budget talks and a draft has been prepared for review.

Secretary Varee mentioned that there will be some $200,000 less in the bank accounts for CT in 2018 due to the purchase of heavy equipment, specifically the new truck and back - See Back hoe page 7

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