Headlines for September 4, 2017

Water line break mars first day at school
Written by David Shaef

The first day of school for the 2017 - 2018 year in the Conneaut School District went almost perfectly, according to Conneaut Schools Superintendent Jarrin Sperry.

The glitch was a water main break between Springboro to the Conneaut Valley Schools. The water line break affected several hundred of the Springboro water users.

For the schools, water coolers were transported to Valley for drinking, and cooking purposes with plans for the water coolers to be at both the schools through Friday, Sept. 1. Hopefully the testing clears, and all is back to normal by Tuesday, Sept. 5, when students return from Labor Day break.

Springboro Area Water Authority required the entire system to go on a BWA - boiled water advisory on Wed., Aug. 30.

The system serves approximately 1,100 people including the two schools (an elementary and middle school) as well as two restaurants. Sampling was to begin Thursday, Aug. 31.

Springboro Area Water Authority issued a BWA for approximately 70 customers due to a waterline break. The affected area included the fire department which is also an eating/drinking establishment. No other restaurants, schools, critical care facilities are impacted. Once repairs are completed, they will begin collecting the necessary samples to lift the boil.

Sperry reported being at every building on opening day and every building reporting a very smooth start.


Drainage, roads Conneautville issues
Written by Lissa Houserman

A resident approached Conneautville Borough Council during the August meeting with a complaint about a drain that had been fixed on Strawberry Alley. The citizen indicated that there was a soft region on the road that appeared after some repair and drainage work.

He said that his son had been injured whilst riding his bike in that area due to the soft ground. The resident provided some pictures for council to peruse as well.

Borough Council President Gene Bocan pointed out that the area has had two exceptional rainfalls as of late and said that all area municipalities have been pretty much suffering the same fate due to that. He also said that the borough workers have been carrying out drainage repairs and related issues. Bocan said that the issue would be addressed.

Councilman Jerry Carless said that perhaps some sort of safety cones could be placed in regions such as that one to warn drivers, etc.

There is a hole in the road on West Street which has been filled with cold patch numerous times but it keeps falling in. There was some discussion in terms of whether or not the catch basins had been cleaned or not plus a line needed to be run as well.

After a brief discussion council directed the crew to go ahead with that work in order to rectify the situation. Councilman Hoovler added that if it needs to be done to go ahead and “get on it.”

Park rentals

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