Headlines for May 15, 2017

Conneaut SD adopts no tax increase budget
Written by David Schaef

By 8-1 vote, Conneaut School Board members adopted the preliminary budget for the school year to begin July 1, that budget in at $39,548,320, when the directors met in may voting session May 10, at Conneaut Valley Middle School.

As noted in these pages previously, there is a deficit of expenses of near $1.58 million, but that will be covered by funds in the fund balance which is a little under $14 million.

Under a new policy shaping up, the school district is taking a portion of the fund balance and setting it aside for future repairs on roofs, parking lots, boilers, etc., so those repairs do not need to come out of the general fund budget.

Part of the $1.5 million deficit includes $250,000 the district is using to set up a 10 station welding class area as part of the Crawford County Career & Technical Center [vo-tech] class offerings to allow 20 more students to be trained in welding as job demands have companies looking for welders.

That new class will be housed at Conneaut Valley Middle School

The CTC welding class is an extension of the CTC vo-tech set up with Crawford Central and PennCREST school districts to reimburse Conneaut over the next 5 years for their portion of the costs in setting up the program.

The welding class at the CTC this past fall had a waiting list of 41 students with Conneaut taking the lead to address the need.

The school district is not sure how much money will be coming in from the state as the state works on their own budget. The state is proposing to cut transportation support by $50 million statewide, roughly a 10% - See CSD page 23


Conneaut Township residents seek private road takeover in DeBow
Written by Roseanne Staab

Conneaut Township held the May public meeting at Grange Hall #502, with Supervisors George Greig, Timothy Greig and Josh Fusco in attendance. Secretary Telce Varee took the minutes and there were 13 citizens present. All stood to salute the American flag.

Secretary Varee announced that the June township meeting will be rescheduled for June 6, at 6 pm, and requested the public make a note of this.

The April meeting minutes and expenditures - See Meet page 9


Summit leaders against bridge takeover
Written by Roseanne Staab

Summit Township held the May public meeting with Supervisors Bill Agnew, Lud Zarembinski and Jerauld Smith in attendance. Secretary Cindy McCoy took the minutes and there were 4 citizens present.

All stood to salute the American flag.

Supervisor Lud Zarembinski commented that the Summit Safety Committee meeting was held, and members attended a Safety Class on equipment held at Vernon Township with certificate, and an update on West Nile Virus.

Supervisor Bill Agnew announced that the bids for the proposed new township office building will be opened on May 17, at 5 pm, with no awards at that time.

There are four plumbing contractors, three HVAC , three electricians and three general contractors thus far, who have submitted bids..

The April meeting minutes were approved unanimously.

For Public Comment, a man informed the Board that he is available for consulting services, should they require any, in regard to the new municipal building that is being proposed for the township.

Rt. 618 bridge

Also present, PennDOT representative Josh Montgomery, who stood to talk to the Board about the possible takeover/turnback by the township of more footage on the Rt. 618 bridge, near the old Fairway 12 motel.

This bridge has had ongoing sinkage issues, with guard rail and approach problems, also.

Mr. Montgomery gave a dissertation regarding the 60 to 65 foot turnback of the bridge, the township now maintains, along with the type of bridge it is, and the surrounding soil conditions there.

Summit Solicitor, William Walker took the floor to answer on behalf of the township.

He recited some brief history of the bridge and the township dealings with PennDOT, including the bridge concept of McCormick-Taylor.

He informed Mr. Montgomery that the township is “satisfied with the status-quo of the bridge, and the township doesn’t want any more footage, nor do they want the approaches,” to be encompassed in the formal turnback agreement.

Walker indicated the township has noted special problems on the north end of the bridge.

Montgomery answered that PennDOT is looking toward the future.

Walker asked that Montgomery make some formal suggestions and send it to his law office in a hard- copy format. He stated that the township engineer would also be privy to all incoming information.

A lengthy discussion continued with Walker reiterating several times that there has been a lot of history with that bridge since the work took place, and the township engaged in a turnback arrangement with the state.

Montgomery repeated that any future suggestions would probably hold a request for additional takeover/ turnback of footage by the township.

Walker asked whether it would be amendments - See 618 page 18

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