Headlines for December 5, 2016

VB coach resigning Conneaut position
Written by David Schaef

Conneaut Area Senior High highly successful girl’s volleyball coach Tim Schleicher is resigning his position with action expected to be taken on the resignation at a Conneaut School Board meeting next week.

Schleicher’s successes include a District 10 title, Region title, and a state PIAA Western Semi Final berth, not to mention undefeated Region record. Schleicher’s 2015 Region record was 10-0, 15-2 overall, The team made the playoffs again this year.

He has served 11 years as head coach; 2006 fall at Linesville High School was his first season as head coach in the program.

Records at Linesville High and CASH include - L.H.S. Region Champs in 2010 and 2011; CASH Region Champs in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015; Dist. X Champs L.H.S. 2011 and CASH 2013; and PIAA State Champs L.H.S. 2011

Season by season records are as follows - CONNEAUT - 2016: 11-6; 2015: 15-2; 2014: 10-5; 2013: 18-2; 2012: 14-2; Region 4 Champions: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015; District 10 Champions: 2013; CASH overall record 68-17;

LINESVILLE - 2011: 25-0; 2010: 18-3; 2009: 4-12 2008: 6-10; 2007: 4-12; 2006: 5-11. LINESVILLE overall 63-47.


CL Police agreement extended 5 years
Written by Lisa Houserman

Officer Huddleson attended the November meeting of the Conneaut Lake Regional Police Commission in order to impart the report in Chief Pfeifer's absence. He was also on hand to answer and/or explain questions and concerns put forth by said commission.

Sadsbury Supervisors Kevin VanHonk, Lyle Hoovler and Bonnie Smith were all in attendance as were Borough Council President Richard Holabaugh and Mayor Tim Kaider. Secretary Rose Mumau was also on hand. As was mentioned above, Police Chief Todd Pfeifer was unable to attend.

A brief discussion took place about the budget with Mumau saying that they are in the black for the most part. Winter tires have been placed on the vehicles by the time of this report and new tires are on the horizon for spring. Huddleson wasn't certain that winter tires had been utilized last winter because it had been mild.

Under New Business, a motion was made, seconded and carried to approve payment of the 2017 Solvency Fee for relief from charges. This is pursuant to PA UC Law for reimbursable employers and was in the amount of $511.70.

A motion was also carried to adopt Resolution 2016-1 Waiver of Employee contributions to pension plan for 2017 only. This is carried out annually and according to Mumau they have always waived it in the past.

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