School budget presentation wins meritorious award

The Conneaut School District, with kudos to Business Manager Greg Mayle, has won a great honor - the Meritorious Budget Award (MBA) for 2016–2017.

It’s quite an accomplishment to receive the award in your first year of participation, according to ASBO International who noted, “It is the consensus of the Review Team to award the Meritorious Budget Award to Conneaut School District.

The District’s budget document contains excellent spreadsheets, charts and graphs to help the reader fully grasp the data presented. The document provides excellent information to allow the non-financial reader to understand the budgeting process used by the District. This award demonstrates the District’s hard work and commitment to fiscal transparency, the District is to be complemented for compiling such a detailed document for its first submission.”

Among other comments in announcing the award were -

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