Headlines for September 26, 2016

School’s third day enrollments drop
Written by David Schaef

Conneaut School District third day enrollment numbers dropped 35 students from a year ago, according to recently released figures.

This year’s enrollment numbers show the third day numbers as follows - Conneaut Lake Elementary K - 4 has 335 total students while Conneaut Valley Elementary has 348 for a total of 683. Last year’s figures were Lake 352 and Valley 359, a drop from 728, a difference of 65 students in the elementary schools.

In the middle schools, Lake Middle third day figures had 352 students in grades 5 - 8, while Valley had 273 for a total of 625. Last year the middle school figures were Lake 355, Valley 281, for a total of 636, a drop of 11 students.

At the Senior High, third day numbers for grades 9 - 12 showed 715 students while last year’s numbers showed 711, thus a gain of 4.

Overall third day numbers show 2,023 students in the schools, that down from 2,058 from a year ago, a drop of 35 students.


Discussion rules roost at CV council meeting

During the September meeting of Conneautville Borough Council, a resident in attendance approached council with advice about conducting the meetings.

He said that he had been attending the meetings for the past 6 months and had some observations and recommendations that might aid in the meetings flowing in a better manner. One idea was to record them so that secretary Joyce McMillin would be able to take a more active part in the actual discussions, rather than focusing solely on note taking.

In doing so, he praised her for knowing what is going on in the borough and basically being very knowledgeable about the inner workings of all things Conneautville. He continued by stating that there are a lot of things that are discussed every month that do not appear in the minutes. After saying that, he acknowledged that it would be pretty much impossible to include everything in said minutes, hence his idea for tape recording the meetings.

He gave an example of the things that should appear in the minutes by saying that when the solicitor goes over the details about a particular situation, law, etc., those are the kinds of things that should appear in minutes.

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