Headlines for June 27, 2016

School concession stand vandalized
Written by David Schaef

The football concession stand at Conneaut Area Senior High was spray painted sometime Sunday evening, June 19, as school workers discovered when arriving on campus Monday morning, June 20. See photo page 22.

Security cameras caught four individuals on tape with school officials and Linesville Police reviewing the footage. Linesville police have since found the culprits and are proceeding to take legal action.

Conneaut School officials are hosting a gathering this Wednesday evening as parents and families who have students in grades 6 - 12 enrolled in outside cyber/charter schools have been invited to hear a presentation by Conneaut school leaders to consider enrolling their students in the Conneaut cyber program and what the benefits of the local program are.

The Conneaut School District pays out close to $10,000 per student enrolled in an outside cyber/charter school and close to $20,000 for a student identified as special education.


Conneautville council: structures demolished soon
Written by Lisa Houserman

Some good news was brought to light during the June meeting of Conneautville Borough Council.

As was reported last month, the Valley region has several dilapidated structures that need to be demolished. The county has taken charge of them but no action has been pursued. During that meeting in May, Council President Gene Bocan said that they received information indicating that they are trying to utilize a percentage of CDBG funds (Community Development Block Grants) for demolition of abandoned properties.

The grant money did not come through but Mayor Allen Clark pointed out that he had met with Zack Pyle from the planning office and was told that there were left over funds from the last round.

Moving back to the good news during the June meeting, Pyle attended in order to see if council was interested in the above-mentioned funding source. This is his particular field of expertise as he is the assistant planning director at the planning office and is in charge of the grant work.

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