Headlines for April 04, 2016

State budget details not yet released

Although it has been announced as settled, a state budget in place without the governor’s signature after 269 days without a full budget in place, details on what school districts and others are to be paid have not been released as of presstime deadline.

Reports are that the 500 school districts will share/receive a $200 million increase but again financial details are unclear.

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Lake council changes electric supplier

Conneaut Lake Borough Council held the March public meeting with Chairman Dick Holabaugh leading the salute to the American Flag. Council members present were Bill Eldridge, Billy Paris, John Chuey, Penny Monahan, Dwight Stallard and Mike Krepps. Mayor Timothy Kaider was absent. Secretary Kathryn Spencer took the minutes and there were 4 citizens present.

The February meeting minutes and payment of bills were all approved.

For Public Comment, a citizen gave a thank you to Streets Manager Jim Donnachie for the timely and efficient snow plowing during the winter months, and for keeping the main and back streets of Conneaut Lake free from snow.

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