Headlines for March 7, 2016

Senior project presentations changing

Graduating seniors will no longer be required to complete a senior project as in the past due to the state changing that requirement but seniors will still need to make a presentation that will cover career and job related items that they have worked on beginning in 8th grade but the actual format of that presentation remains up in the air and led to a long discussion among Conneaut School Board members when they met in work session Wednesday evening following a special meeting to hire a new director of buildings and grounds as current director Elwood [Curly] Schell is retiring effective June 30.

Applications were accepted from 26 candidates looking to fill the position with school directors interviewing 6 individuals in first round interviews and then a final two in a second interview.

Hired to replace Schell was Frank Kimmel, a Saegertown area resident, who will begin work on March 28, and shadow Schell to learn of the many items overseen by him including a walk through the budget process.

Kimmel will be leaving an Erie area position in which he did budgeting, over seeing numerous employees, cleaning, maintenance and other related matters.

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CL Park to Summit: will be seeking subdivisions of beach front, Flynn land

Summit Township supervisors held their March public meeting with Supervisor Bill Agnew leading the salute to the American Flag. Supervisors Lud Zarembinski and Jerauld Smith were in attendance and Secretary Cindy McCoy took the minutes. There were five citizens present including a Boy Scout.

The February meeting minutes were approved by unanimous vote.

For Public Comment, a man stood to revisit a road-easement issue with the Board.

The Morningshore Drive area of Lauderdale Estates has a strip of land that motorists are using as a drive through lane. The man is concerned about safety, saying that it is not the neighbors who are the problem, but rather the summer people and visitors. They are driving fast and should not be accessing this area.

The lane has a high grade and the motorists are spinning tires with gravel flying that is hitting the man’s house.

A discussion ensued about the deed and ownership of this strip of land, which became an easement back in 1938.

The Board will continue to monitor the situation.

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