Student numbers drop in school district

Overall student numbers continue to drop in the Conneaut School District as 90 day enrollment figures for the current school year show a drop of 10 students since third day figures were compiled in September.

Third day enrollment numbers had 2,058 students in the district; 90 day figures showed 2,048, a drop of 10 students.

Enrollment figures impact student support from the state, staffing numbers and uses within buildings.

By contrast, 90 day student numbers were down 44 from a year ago. In January 2015, Conneaut had a total of 2,092 students, this year’s figures as noted were 2,048.

During the 2007-2008 school year, there were 2,687 students enrolled at the 90 day mark, compared to this year’s 2,048, a drop of 639 students over the past 9 years.

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