Headlines for December 14, 2015

School board action limits a tax increase
Written by David Schaef

Conneaut School Board members took action Wednesday evening with all nine board members present to limit any tax increases to the limit allowed by law and not seek additional beyond that in the year to begin July 1.

School boards by law must take action in the current time frame to decide whether they will adhere to the tax limit or hold an option to go to the voters to determine any tax increase beyond that limit.

Should the vote be to hold the option to increase beyond the Act 1 limit requires a tentative budget to be in place in early January; to vote not to look at any increase beyond the limit of Act 1 delays a budget deadline for tentative approval.

The most the school district could raise by increasing to the limit allowed would bring in about $450,000 - an amount that most likely be eaten up by an increase in retirement rates, that increased in this year’s current budget of over $500,000.

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North Shenango hires secretary
Written by David Schaef

Meeting on December 8, the North Shenango Township supervisors , following a 25 minute executive session to review 11 applications, voted to hire Donna Kean as the new township secretary effective January 1,. She was the most qualified, chairman Bill Emerick said. No details on pay, benefits, etc., were announced. Kean is part-time secretary for at least one nearby township; She has helped current secretary Geri Godina in the transition in the job following the death of former long term secretary Denise Gray.

Emerick and fellow supervisor Eloise Settlemyre were present as the 10 a.m. meeting was called to order, with supervisor Dan Dickey delayed in attending until the meeting was nearly completed.

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Keep backyard chickens proposal heard at Sadsbury
Written by David Schaef

Sadsbury Township supervisors held a special work session Tuesday evening, Dec. 8, to hear comments on a proposal to change current zoning laws that do not permit chickens to be kept in the back yards of the R-1 Zoning District in the township. That area is considered to be the most residential in the township with the issue first coming to light at the supervisor’s November meeting.

Resident Linda Ridgeway attended that meeting and asked for a change in the zoning. She is already keeping several chickens amid speculation she may be in violation of the current ordinance, which was adopted effective Jan. 1, 2014, after a couple years of review and public hearings held to have updated ordinances in place.

Sadsbury Township chairman Kevin VanHonk noted the Dec. 8, meeting was to hear comments on a possible change in zoning to allow chickens in the R-1 area.

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Lake boro council concern with VFD money issues
Written by Roseanne Staab

Conneaut Lake Borough Council held a Conditional Use Variance Hearing prior to the regular public meeting on Wednesday, December 9, 2015. Present were Bill Eldridge, Billy Paris, Dick Holabaugh, Mayor Timothy Kaider, Penny Monahan, Dwight Stallard and Mike Krepps. John Chuey was absent. Secretary Kathryn Spencer took the minutes, along with a court stenographer, and there were 6 citizens present.

A representative of the Hudson Group was present with a site drawing of a proposed senior living facility to be built in the Finn Ditch area of downtown Conneaut Lake.

Discussion about various items went on before Borough Council voted unanimously to grant the Conditional Use Variance, pertaining to height requirements and cupolas for the proposed structure.

Chairman Dick Holabaugh then opened the regular December public meeting with a salute to the American Flag. This meeting was of a short duration. A cookie and snack buffet was provided by Council for the public in celebration of Christmas.

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