Rumors spark police check at HS

For the second time in a week, rumors of violence at the Conneaut Area Senior High was heard with Conneaut Schools Superintendent Jarrin Sperry sending an all call to to parents that “the rumor is that a “bunch of kids” are going to come to the High School Tomorrow [Wed., Nov. 25] with guns to shoot people. No one knows where the rumor started or what kids, etc.”. Mr. Sperry noted that CASH principal Dave Maskery, assistant principal John Hines and District Police Officer Kurt Sitler have investigated and have found NO credible evidence of any violence.. None.. They have talked to kids/parents/etc.. Students don’t even know where they heard it… etc…

Sperry went on to say “However, Dave [Maskery] and I talked and he wants all the kids wanded tomorrow [Wed., Nov. 25] as they enter the building. I [Sperry] called George [Joseph, district’s lawyer] and he said that was ok..

Sperry then put this School Messenger message out to the High School Parents - “Hello, This is Jarrin Sperry, Superintendent of the Conneaut School District. For the past few school days, there have been rumors that someone was going to come to the High School with guns to inflict violence. Mr. Maskrey, Mr. Hines, and Officer Sitler have thoroughly investigated these rumors and found no evidence that any such act of violence is going to occur.

However, as a precaution, we will be wanding every student Wednesday as they enter the High School.

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