Parents: add classes in our kindergarten school board asked

Five mothers addressed Conneaut School Board members, all from the Conneaut Lake Elementary School attendance area, when the board met in work session Wednesday, Nov. 4, at Conneaut Lake Middle School, and asked that due to the current numbers in the classes that a fourth section be added.

Class numbers range is 24 - 25, which is also nearly true at the Conneaut Valley Elementary School where classes range from 22 - 23, with the mothers saying those numbers are hard to manage, that the students may be 10 days behind in their studies, and that there is not enough room for hanging all the coats, etc., in the rooms.

One mother said that one of the teachers - a 19-year veteran - is struggling and may transfer to another grade in the future.

Lake Elementary principal Doug Parks said Title 1 aides have been moved into the classes and thought that helpful but under questioning noted the aides are shared with other classes. Noting the school district budget situation, he wondered if there might be some way to get the kindergarten classes more help.

Valley Elementary principal Adam Jardina noted that less numbers in the classes are better and thought the Title 1 aides has helped.

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