Kindergarten class numbers increasing

The increase in the numbers of students in kindergarten classes came under discussion at the Conneaut School Board meeting Tuesday, Oct. 20, at the Alice L. Schafer Annex, with 8 of 9 board members present. Present were John Burnham, Don Ellis Jr., Kathy Klink, Cheryl Krachkowski, Dot Luckock, Jody Sperry, Dr. Walter Thomas, and David Schaef. Absent was Brian Boyce.

Both elementary schools now have kindergarten classes ranging from 23 - 25 with the school district administration moving Title aides from the middle schools to the kindergarten classes since the last work session to assist classroom teachers.

Krachkowski questioned the move of Title aides from the middle schools and wondered about the impact on those students.

To add a class at each elementary school to reduce the number in each class would cost the district about $200,000, according to Conneaut Schools Superintendent Jarrin Sperry.

The cost of aides at both the Kindergarten level and the middle school was also noted.

Board president Jody Sperry wondered where the money would come from in light of the state not having a budget in place as of July 1, and the district relying on its fund balance to carry it through until the state does put a budget in place and funds are paid to the district.

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