School test scores: careful how to read them is advised

Lost in the clamor of a marijuana plant being found on rural Conneaut School District property 4 miles from main school grounds were test results given out at the Conneaut School Board work session held Wednesday, Oct. 7, at the Alice L. Schafer Annex,

Those test results, required by the state and ranking students as proficient, advanced, basic and below basic, showed what officials have been saying statewide for some time. These tests showed a decline but - and note the but - the tests were not the same as in past years in that students were being tested a year early on items. What used be tested as, say 4th grade material, was given to 3rd graders, and so on. Thus test results were expected to be lower, and now these standards will be used as the new base in upcoming years.

One person described these tests as students previously being tested as runners, now were tested as swimmers. However the material studied was for runners.

Letters have been sent out explaining results.

Conneaut School District Curriculum Director Brenda Kantz noted her son as an example [though he is in a different school district[ as having scored proficient in math each year of past testing, but with the new results/tests, he fell from that top range.

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