Headlines for August 31, 2015

Students return to schools Wednesday
Written by David Schaef

Conneaut schools will welcome back students on Wednesday, September 2, as the 2015 - 16 school year begins.

Teachers begin school year duties on Monday, August 31, today.

One of the biggest changes in the district is the change in principals at Conneaut Area Senior High.

Co-Principal Sharon Sielski has retired and her Co-Principal David Maskery assumes the role of CASH principal.

John Hines will serve as the high school assistant principal . He had been K - 12 Curriculum Director, Federal Programs the past couple of years He has served as principal, assistant principal and a co-principal in past years in the district.

Brenda Kantz has been hired to become the K - 12 Curriculum Director and Federal Program head.

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Lake council discuss issues from Fireman’s Beach to seaweeds, sewer problems, and tax forgiveness
Written by Roseanne Staab

Conneaut Lake Borough Council held its August Work Session with Chairman Dick Holabaugh, Mayor Timothy Kaider, Bill Eldridge, Penny Monahan and Mike Krepps in attendance. Councilmen Billy Paris, John Chuey and Dwight Stallard were absent.

Secretary Kathryn Spencer took the minutes and there were 2 citizens present.

Work Sessions are for the convenience of the Borough Council, they do not take votes, they have no formal Pledge to the American Flag, and the public is not permitted to speak, per se, unless they request Council to do so.

Mayor Kaider began a dialogue about the Public Comment time slot on the Council agenda each month. Council feels that meetings are becoming too long and that discussions go off-topic.

Some municipalities only allow 3 minutes per person to air complaints or resolve issues.

CL Borough Council stressed the importance of free speech for the public and mentioned various options for moving the meeting agenda along.

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Summit supervisors updated on CL Park
Written by Roseanne Staab

Summit Township supervisors held their August public meeting with Supervisors Bill Agnew, Lud Zarembinski and Jerauld Smith in attendance.

Under the William Walker Attorney Status Report, Walker informed the Board that the Conneaut Lake Park Trustees have met the deadline for filing their Re-Organization Plan.

The four taxing entities want to be paid with the Beach Club insurance payout money on the taxes due on the parcel where the Beach Club fire occurred. They have a draft of a competing plan for liquidation of the Park.

The Trustees propose to sell the Flynn property and use the money to pay the four taxing entities. A realtor from Erie has been hired by them to handle this proceeding.

If the Flynn Property sells to a private individual, it will no longer be a public trust. The new owner is free to develop the lake front site for his/her own purposes, including the construction of lakeside condominiums.

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