Headlines for August 17, 2015

School district adjusts starting, dismissal times
Written by David Schaef

Conneaut School Directors prepared for the upcoming school year in several ways when they met in voting session Wednesday, Aug. 12, at Conneaut Area Senior High.

there will be change in starting and ending times at all the schools to better run bus routes, an item that came from budget/finance committee meetings to help save on transportation costs.

The elementary and middle schools will start 5 minutes earlier when schools open on Wed., Sept, 2, and leave out 5 minutes earlier in the afternoon. The senior high school will start 5 minutes later and leave out 5 minutes later.

School directors approved the preliminary bus routes with school board member David Schaef noting he had studied the proposed routes, and found that most routes got students to the schools in 45 minutes or less. There was only a very few that crept close to an hour.

In attendance at the meeting, besides Schaef, were president Jody Sperry, Brian Boyce, John Burnham, Kathy Klink, Cheryl Krachkowski, and Dot Luckock. Absent were Don Ellis, Jr., and Dr. Walter Thomas.

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Conneautville property maintenance code tabled until September
Written by Roseanne Staab

A hush fell upon Conneautville Borough Council when President Gene Bocan asked for a motion to approve the International Property Maintenance Code Ordinance. He asked again, there was no response and the issue was tabled.

This took place during the regular monthly meeting on August 10. Approximately nine area citizens were in attendance. Many had come to ascertain the particulars concerning the ordinance in question. All members of council were present. Secretary Joyce McMillin, Mayor Clark and Solicitor Ferguson were also in attendance.

The whole saga began when Solicitor Ferguson imparted that they had advertised the model ordinance but needed to fill in some blanks, so to speak. He went over several of the items including legal fees, naming Zoning Officer Robert Kulak as the code official, fines (ranging from $100 per day to $1,000 per day), etc.

Ferguson pointed out that each day is considered to be a separate violation. When he broached the subject of screen doors and indicated that they would have to be installed from May through September, someone asked what would happen if the doors were not in place. After he said it would be a code violation, many residents openly expressed concern.

Kulak pointed out that it only pertains to doorways that are designed to hold screen doors. He said that the code is mostly complaint driven and is generally utilized for tenants and landlords. “It's not going to be usually done for just the homeowner,” Kulak expressed.

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