Headlines for June 16, 2015

School meal prices going up this fall going up this fall
Written by David Schaef

Pushed by federal government requirements, some breakfast and lunch prices will be going up in the Conneaut School District this upcoming school year that will start Wed., Sept. 2, for students.

New prices will be elementary and middle school students will see a price increase to $1.85 for paid lunches, up from $1.80; high school students will see an increase for student paid lunches to $2.10, up from $2.05; reduced lunch students will continue to pay .40¢, no increase; student paid breakfast, $1.00, no increase; student reduced breakfast, .30¢, no increase; adult breakfast, $1.60, no increase; and adult lunch, $3.10, up from $3.05.

Board president Jody Sperry lamented the fact that the federal government tells us what to charge.

School meals follow federal guidelines on what to serve, portion sizes, and more, even though the latest regulations in what students must choose when going through the meal lines have proven to be unpopular choices and the waste has increased. Not raising prices also bring a penalty.

Voting for the increases were John Burnham, Don Ellis, Jr., Kathy Klink, Cheryl Krachkowski, Dot Luckock, David Schaef, Dr. Walter Thomas, and Sperry. Brian Boyce arrived later in the meeting.

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New councilman sworn in at Conneautville, Yard clutter, Hoover retirement council topics
Written by Lisa Houserman

Community News

The June meeting of the Conneautville Borough Council began with the swearing in of new Councilman Kenneth Hoovler. Hoovler filled the vacated seat of Sarah Hoover, who moved out of the borough limits and could no longer hold the position.

Others in attendance were, Gene Bocan, Tim Prince, Henry Mead, Sue Joslin, Paula Field, Jerry Carless, Secretary Joyce McMillin, Solicitor Doug Ferguson, Mayor Allen Clark and three residents.

A concerned citizen appro-ached council with a complaint about a neighbor's cluttered yard. She had a petition that was signed by twelve other neighbors and she provided various pictures of the disarray. She mentioned that the resident, known as Dan, had everything from four wheelers to cars scattered about and wanted to make council aware of the situation. She also stated that Dan had been had been repairing and selling vehicles.

It is a rental property and Gene Bocan asked if she knew the name of the property owner. She did not but imparted that the owner lived in Albion. In addition to the general clutter, she said that the neighbor does not respect property lines. Another member of the neighborhood talked to Dan about the property lines, in terms of four wheeler usage, to no avail.

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