Headlines for June 8, 2015

School budget contains no tax increase proposal
Written by David Schaef

Preparing to adopt a final budget on Tuesday, June 16, at a special meeting, Conneaut School Board members were updated on latest figures in the proposed budget for the year to begin July 1, when directors met in work session Wednesday evening, June 3.

Latest budget figures came from a budget committee meeting held just hours before the work session with School Superintendent Jarrin Sperry, Business Manager Kara Onorato, and budget committee members Jody Sperry, Dot Luckock, and David Schaef continuing to look at budget figures and make adjustments.

Some $340,000 in cuts were made, that a part of over a million dollars cut from the budget first proposed several months ago.

The district is not replacing all of the 4 teachers who are retiring, a savings of over $100,000.

The budget contains plans to move emotional support classes from Conneaut Valley Elementary and Conneaut Valley Middle Schools to the Conneaut Lake Schools and combine two bus runs into one at another savings.

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Homicide in Conneautville reported
Written by David Schaef

The suspect in a slaying in Conneautville was captured by State Police in Erie County Thursday.

Steven W. Altman, 52, has been charged with homicide in the Wednesday, June 3, slaying of Debra Eschweiler, 53, of Conneautville.

Crawford County Coroner Scott Schell ruled the death was caused by multiple sharp force trauma with injuries to the heart and lungs.

Altman and Eschweiler lived together until April, according to reports, when Altman moved to Springfield Township in Erie County.

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