School’s prelim budget holds line on property taxes

As noted in these pages in the previous addition, the Conneaut School Board approved a preliminary budget for the year to begin July 1, that does not contain a tax increase when school directors met in voting session Wednesday evening.

The vote to approve that tentative budget passed on a 7-2 vote with John Burnham and Brian Boyce voting no, Burnham saying he was not sure he approved how all the money is being spent. Boyce did not comment on his vote.

The budget is estimated at $37,032,267.00, with no increase included from state sources as the state budget approval plays out in Harrisburg with a new first year Democratic governor in place who is working with a Republican controlled legislature.

School directors increased real estate taxes a year ago by a .50 margin with half of the increase mandated to go to the ever increasing pension fund.

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