Conneaut district model for state - No snow days missed, new CVE principal

The Conneaut School District has been chosen as the only public school district in the state of Pennsylvania to try Cyber Snow Days - meaning one, that Conneaut will develop a program [rubic] for other districts to follow, and two, that there should be no missed school days due to snow and related weather.

Much work needs to be done as the Conneaut heads into the next school year to fully prepare, but the district can be proud that it is the only public school district - out of 500 districts - chosen to model the Cyber Snow Days experiment.

Conneaut School Superintendent Jarrin Sperry and technology teacher Herb Bossard met recently with the Secretary of the Department of Education in Harrisburg, presented the proposal and received permission to model the program.

What it means is that once a calendar is adopted for a school year, there should be no days to make up because of snowy, bad weather.

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