Lawyer leaving, prez stepping down

During the September meeting of the Conneautville Borough Council a resident had approached council about some digging that needed to unfold on his property. This was in order for him to basically tie into the borough catch basin.

The big news was the borough lawyer is leaving come December and the council president has indicated he does not want to continue serving as president come January.

Councilman Jerry Carless reported during the October meeting that the work had unfolded in the interim. He also imparted that trash at the park had been gathered, a water leak at the cemetery was repaired and hydrant flushing done. This is just a brief overview of all of the tasks that were performed.

Councilman Ken Hoovler asked if all of the water meter numbers had been turned in. Secretary Joyce McMillin said that some of the numbers read backwards and there are other issues in general. Most of them have been addressed though, according to McMillin.

Under the park and recreation portion of the meeting, Councilwoman Sue Joslin reported that the restroom at the park had been winterized. There was a brief discussion about a roof that is in need of repair.

Water policy confusion

Councilwoman Paula Field said that the water policy had been mailed out. She imparted that some residents were more or less up in arms as they were confused about the letter that they received. She said that people were calling the hardware store, etc., trying to figure out what was happening. Field said that there was a lot of chaos in general and recommended that they go - See Water page 10


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