Bicycle trail kickoff meeting held

Linesville area residents heard a proposal to build and extend a bike trail in the area at a meeting held Monday, Aug. 14, at the Eagle Nest pizza shop on Penn Street, Linesville.

The benefits of such an extension was said to be increased economic activity in the area as bikers, walkers, runners, snow mobilers, etc., have disposable money to spend and do spend - the trail used by more than just local people out and about.

Main speaker at the meeting was Dan Bickel, manager of the Pymatuning State Park system in the Crawford and Mercer County areas, the lake and the state park land.

Hosting the meeting at the Eagle Nest was new shop owner Gary Hite - the shop once known at the Eagles Nest Pizza. Hite spoke of owning bike shops elsewhere before moving to Linesville and the increased economic activity in the area as the trails brought in visitors/tourists.

Bickel gave a history of a proposed Linesville Rail Trail project from the late 2008 - 09 era by the then Envision Linesville group, since not active, but their study a basic outline of trails.

Bickel said the first step in doing a trail would complete a section from Hartstown Road near the Spillway Inn to South Chestnut Street in Linesville - that section would extend a trail that runs along the old railroad bed down past the Spillway.

The section would include a bridge over Linesville Creek, way back of the high school in the area known as The Trestle.

Bickel said, and others echoed the statement, - See Trails page 18


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