Headlines for July 31, 2017

Linesville council push: all sidewalks shoveled in winter
Written by David Shaef

Linesville Borough Council is looking to adopt an ordinance at its council meeting of Tuesday, Aug. 8, that would require all sidewalks in the borough to be cleared of snow and ice within 24 hours of the end of a snowfall AND not allow snow or ice to get deeper than 6 inches before removal between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Failure to do so would mean a fine of not less than $25.00 and not more than $300 upon conviction before any District Judge of the County.

The requirement would apply to any owner or agent having charge of a property, of every property adjoining a public sidewalk.

So no matter where you live in the borough, no matter how used, or even if used by walkers, all sidewalks must be kept shoveled and clear of snow and ice as per the 6 inch rule, Nor does it matter if a snow plow comes along and pushes the snow and ice from the roadway onto a sidewalk, that sidewalk must conform to the new rule. It will not matter the age of an owner or the health of an owner, the sidewalks must be cleared.

This rule shall be enforced by the Linesville Borough Police Department.

The ordinance being considered for adoption also will require keeping grass, etc, cut if - as the ordinance reads - all of those portions of properties within the “Linesville Borough” which lie within 300 feet of a public street or within 150 feet of any structure; this shall include area between edge of road and sidewalk and along curb areas.

The ordinance-To Shovel page 5


Lake council worries re: Hudson Group traffic
Written by Roseanne Staab

The Conneaut Lake Borough Council met for the July public meeting with Chairman Dick Holabaugh leading the salute to the American flag. Council members present were Bill Eldridge, Billy Paris, Penny Monahan, Ken Haddix, Mike Krepps, and Mayor Timothy Kaider. Absent was Councilman John Chuey.

Secretary Beverly Mobley took the minutes and there were 3 citizens present.

New apartment issues

Under the Streets Report, Manager Jim Donnachie began with road bonding for the construction firm working at the new Evan’s Square site, which will be a low-income senior living center.

This is the 5th Street and Finn Ditch area beyond the town car wash.

There is a road bond in place along with a Developer’s Agreement.

But with the great amount of heavy truck traffic, specifically tri-axle dump trucks, that are using Borough streets, Donnachie is concerned about damages and the amount of the road bond that is in place.

Donnachie also spoke to the foreman of the Hudson Group, the developers of the site, because there is debris being left in the street.

The issue of storm water management from the site, and the leaching of storm-sewer water into Conneaut Lake, has been put to the Hudson Group, also.

It was stated that the Hudson Group is addressing this.

Hudson Group post cards of the new development of the low-income senior living apartments were passed - See Lake page 15

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