Welding equipment purchase, lease approved by CSDTITLE

The purchase of welding equipment and two related leases spelling out details of the establishment of a satellite welding program to be run by the Crawford County Career & Technical Center [CTC] - the program to be housed at Conneaut Valley Middle School - were approved by Conneaut School Board members when they met in voting session Wednesday evening.

Seven of the 9 members were present as Jamie Hornstein and Kathy Klink were absent - Hornstein on vacation - and board members John Burnham, Don Ellis, Jr., Cheryl Krachkowski, Dot Luckock, Tim McQuiston, Jody Sperry and David Schaef present.

The leases spell out details of how costs are to be divided among the three local school districts - Conneaut, Crawford Central, and PennCREST and approves the extension, establishment, and operation of a Satellite Welding Program with the CTC and the three school districts.

Conneaut is hosting the program in the former ag area at Conneaut Valley, the CTC hiring the instructor and overseeing that aspect of the program.

Conneaut, as noted before, is fronting the money for the purchase and upgrade of the Valley area for the class with Crawford Central and PennCREST reimbursing Conneaut for those costs over the next three years.

Last fall, when school started, there was a waiting list of 41 students trying to get into the welding program at the CTC. There is a big need for welders in the job market with welding paying decent, family sustaining wages.

The starting of a satellite class to try to meet the need of students was first proposed by Conneaut Superintendent Jarrin Sperry and supported by the CTC board of which David Schaef is president and also includes Don Ellis and Tim McQuiston as Conneaut reps on the 9-member board.

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