Headlines for June 26, 2017

No tax increase in Conneaut budget
Written by David Shaef

Conneaut School District Board of Directors passed a $40,857,412 budget for the year that begins July 1, when they met in special session June 20. It contains no tax increase for the fourth straight year, the district having only one tax increase since the 2010/2011 year, that a half mill in 2014-2015 to deal with the ever increasing costs of retirement pensions.

In the years since 2008/2009, Conneaut ‘s tax increase has been 5.1% over the 10 years while inflation has increased 13.7%.

Conneaut has cut staff numbers, merged three high schools into one senior high grades 9 - 12, cut from three K - 6 elementary schools to two K - 4 schools and two 5 - 8 middle schools to keep taxes in line.

This year’s budget committee of Jody Sperry, Dot Luckock, and David Schaef, working with Conneaut Schools Superintendent Jarrin Sperry and Business Manager Greg Mayle, went through nearly 2,300 items in the proposed budget meeting with department heads, principals, and athletic director to cut the proposed budget first submitted in February. Cuts ran in the 5% arena in an extremely tight proposal.

Voting for the budget passage were Don Ellis, Jr., Jamie Hornstein, Kathy Klink, Jody Sperry, Luckock, and Schaef, while John Burnham voted no without explanation. Tim McQuiston and Cheryl Krachkowski were absent from the June 20 meeting but were in attendance in May and June presentations of the budget.

The budget committee met 8 times over the last 5 months not including a public presentation of the budget in April.

The budget committee is also serving as the negotiations committee as the district and teachers work on a new contract, the current one expiring June 30.

The budget beginning July 1, shows an increase on a little over $1.3 million over the current budget, with revenue showing about $104,000 increase in local revenue, $52,234 in state revenue, and $21,000 in federal revenue. Expenses shows an increase in regular instruction of over $267,000, a decrease in - See Schools page 23


Conneautville discusses water class training
Written by Roseanne Staab

During the June gathering of Conneautville Borough Council, Vice President Paula Field led the meeting in the absence of President Gene Bocan.

Gary Johnson, the code official, was in attendance in order to impart his particular methodology in terms of carrying out his official duties.

Those on council praised his work thus far and he received glowing reviews from all.

There was a brief mention of the Eagle Scout project that is to take place at the park as well. Councilman Ken Hoovler mentioned that his mother is involved with signing off on various scouting projects and it was his understanding that to that date, she had not signed off on that one.

Some damage was done to one of the brand new roofs at the picnic pavilion region in the park and that was discussed as well. Many on council were not aware that it had happened. Evidently a limb fell on the new roof causing quite a bit of damage. It will be repaired soon now that everyone knows what is happening.

Streets man Jerry Chamberlain presented his detailed report of various work that was carried out since the - See Work page 18

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