Headlines for May 1, 2017

Sadsbury leaders on recycling bin removal
Written by Roseanne Staab

Sadsbury Township held the April public meeting with Supervisors Lyle Hoovler and Bonnie Smith in attendance. Supervisor Kevin VanHonk was absent. Secretary Rose Mumau took the minutes and there was 1 citizen present. All stood to salute the American flag.

For Public Comment, the citizen present asked the Board about the removal of the recycling bins in downtown Conneaut Lake.

He is of the opinion that these bins are essential to the surrounding community, and that garbage will end up being dumped in road side ditches.

The Conneaut Lake Borough Council is in the process of permanently removing the recycling site located near the US Post Office.

The Sadsbury Board did not indicate they will be installing recycling bins for this township, but did say that garbage, and plumbing items such as toilets and construction refuse are being dumped at these sites, demonstrating that the public does not want to pay for garbage services.

“Abuse” was the key word used by the Board, and a lengthy discussion ensued regarding garbage and recycling.

The Crawford County Solid Waste Authority is currently issuing surveys for municipalities regarding the recycling issue, and the entire program is at the whim of the Crawford County Commissioners Board.

RM Mark Sobieski gave the Road Report, starting with weather events and cleanup of trees and limbs on roadways.

A Rail Road Crossing sign was stolen, and beaver dams are once again wreaking havoc due to their water backup due to the beaver dam building.

The Dirt - See Dirt page 7


Council votes to remove recycling bins
Written by Roseanne Staab

The Conneaut Lake Borough Council held the April public meeting, with Council members Dick Holabaugh, John Chuey, Bill Eldridge, Ken Haddix, Mike Krepps and Mayor Timothy Kaider in attendance. Councilwoman Penny Monahan was in attendance via telephone with name tag.

Councilman Billy Paris was absent.

Secretary Beverly Mobley took the minutes and there were 8 citizens present. All stood to salute the American flag.

For Public Comment, Brenda Schmidt, the Director for Crawford County Solid Waste Authority, stood to take the floor, talking to Council about the recycling program offered to municipalities.

The CCSWA is trying at this time to figure out ways to best direct their resources for ongoing recycling in the county.

There are 11 drop off sites for recycling in Crawford County, and this has been - See Bins page 9

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