Headlines for March 27, 2017

CL Park lot sales may be down to one
Written by David Schaef

It appears that there may be only one lot left to sell at Conneaut Lake Park in the area of the burned down Beach Club.

Trustees of CL Park have obtained sales agreements for two more lots in the Flynn Subdivision, Lots 5 and 6. Lot 5 was the one that had the boundary fence dispute. Lot 6 is the back lot which has no lake frontage.

This would leave Lot 1 as the only unsold lot at this point.

The Beach Club appeal was argued in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in January. Since that time, the bankruptcy court has ruled in favor of the Debtor in an adversary proceeding against Park Restoration. That means that the court determined that PR owes TCLP for the fire loss of the Beach Club.

It is not known when a decision will come down from the Third Circuit.


Water bill is bone of contention at Conneautville boro council meeting
Written by Lisa Houserman

A resident approached Conneautville Borough Council during the March meeting in order to air a grievance concerning her water bill.

She expressed that her family did not use the amount of water indicated on the bill between the two properties in question. She indicated in strong words that her request was for a shut-off valve.

Mr Bocan, President of Borough Council asked how many units were being billed and she explained that there are two properties, a garage and trailer, but the meter is not located on site, so to speak. She requested one meter for the properties in question.

The meter currently is located in something called a meter “pit.” Neither property is located in the borough proper but the properties were “grandfathered in,” according to the resident.

Councilman Hoovler spoke up and said that they are not supposed to be “selling water outside of the borough.” Bocan explained that the water is metered at the borough line; the resident pointed out that the shut off valve and line are within borough limits.

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