Headlines for October 31, 2016

Sadsbury leaders continue blight fight
Written by Roseanne Staab

Sadsbury Township held the October public meeting, with Supervisors Kevin VanHonk, Lyle Hoovler and Bonnie Smith in attendance. Secretary Rose Mumau took the minutes and there were no citizens present. All stood to salute the American flag.

The Supervisors announced that Sadsbury’s own Tim Latta was awarded the 2016 title of Emergency Management Co-ordinator of the Year by Crawford County.

Congratulations to him.

Sadsbury Trick or Treat Night was set for Thursday, October 27, from 6pm to 7:30pm.

For the Road Report, Road Master Mark Sobieski began with the repair work on Aldenia Drive. Washouts have occurred due to high water, and the Road Crew made a small swale to channel some of the excess flow.


Linesville holding line on taxes, water rates
Written by David Schaef

Linesville Borough Council worked on a budget proposal for the year beginning January 1, that holds line on real estate taxes and water rates.

Council met in work session Tuesday, Oct. 25, with all 7 council members present - Mike Heaney, president; Kevin McGrath, vice president; Holly Miller, Laura Deal, Tom Deighton, Rodney Kovisto, and Randy Uplinger. Mayor Barry Chapin was absent.

McGrath explained that the budget starts out with zero funds in categories with council looking at the expenditures from the past three years and what has been spent to date in the current budget as they put together next year’s proposal.

Total tax revenue is being estimated at $244,100, liquid fuels money for street work at $30,463, and water revenues at $199,450.


Lake council hears plans on senior apartments
Written by Roseanne Staab

The Borough Council of Conneaut Lake held the October public meeting with Council members Dick Holabaugh, John Chuey, Billy Paris, Dwight Stallard, Bill Eldridge, and Mayor Timothy Kaider in attendance. Council woman Penny Monahan was present via telephone. Councilman Mike Krepps was absent.

Secretary Susan Cunningham took the minutes and there was 1 citizen present.

The September meeting minutes, along with the October 5, Work Session minutes were both approved, and the motion carried to pay all the bills.

Kelley Coey and Chris Winslow from the Winslow Engineering Firm stood to talk to Council regarding the Evans Square Senior Housing Project.

They presented plats and renderings of the apartment complex to be built at the Finn Ditch/Line Street area in Conneaut Lake.

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