Headlines for October 10, 2016

Mayhem on main street
Written by David Schaef

It started off as a rather simple appearing project - repave the stretch of highway on Route 6 just east of Linesville borough where Rt. 6 y’s off to Conneaut Lake with the intersection of the Harmonsburg Road and pave through Linesville west to the edge of the borough line at Airport Road.

Plans called for redoing and replacing various storm sewer lines plus putting in handicapped parking spots and handicapped friendly curb cuts at various intersections.

The PennDOT plan was to start late July/early August and be done by mid October.

Linesville Borough, ahead of these plans, spent the spring/summer redoing various water lines so streets would not have to be torn up somewhat later if there was a repair need with that work also extending into borough side streets and other areas. Thousands of dollars were spent reportedly from the fund that water users pay into at $5.00 a month.


No grain elevators locating in Greenwood
Written by Roseanne Staab

Greenwood Township held the October public meeting with Supervisors Richard Muir and Doug Stevenson in attendance. Supervisor Cecil Stevenson was absent. Secretary Kathryn Spencer took the minutes and there was 1 citizen present.

All stood to salute the American flag.

The September meeting minutes were approved.

There was no Public Comment.

Deerfield Farms opt out

Under Old Business, Supervisor Richard Muir announced that there will be no trains or grains in Greenwood Township.

This in reference to a large, proposed grain elevator and train transport facility that was slated to be constructed in the local Keystone Industrial complex; this project has been cancelled.


Summit leaders need library decision
Written by Roseanne Staab

Summit Township held the October public meeting with Supervisors Bill Agnew, Lud Zarembinski and Jerauld Smith in attendance. Secretary Cindy McCoy took the minutes and there were 8 citizens present. All stood to salute the American flag.

The September meeting minutes were presented and approved.

Attorney David Rhodes, who is representing the Harmonsburg Library, talked to the Board about the financial assets belonging to the Library, in the capacity of the Library moving into a new building that will be shared with Summit Township public officials.

The new building will host public meetings for various entities, such as Supervisors or the Summit Planning Commission, and will host polling and voting for political elections.

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