Librarian upset with Summit building plans

Summit Township held a rescheduled July public meeting July 12, with Supervisor Bill Agnew leading the salute to the American Flag. Supervisors Lud Zarembinski and Jerauld Smith were in attendance and Secretary Cindy McCoy took the minutes.

There were 5 citizens present.

Engineer Ashley Porter spoke to the Board about plans for the proposed new municipal building.

As was discussed at previous meetings over the last year, it may be possible for the Harmonsburg Library to be relocated to the new site.

Some representatives from the Harmonsburg Library were present at this meeting, including the Librarian.

The Librarian stated that she felt they were being “run over” by the Summit Board, and that the Library Board required more information regarding any proposals.

Porter answered that everything is still in the initial discussion and idea proposal stage, and that all ideas could be talked about hence forth.

Porter continued, stating that the programming phase is designed so everyone can get together so that the building design can be suitable for everyone who is going to use it.

The Librarian informed the Supervisors that a new Board now sits at the Harmonsburg Library and that there is a building fund available for them.

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