Headlines for July 11, 2016

CL Park plan hearing July 12
Written by David Schaef

The hearing on the Conneaut Lake Park Joint Disclosure Statement and Plan addressing the Park’s bankruptcy issues is scheduled for Tuesday, July 12.

Among issues to be resolved is one in which former CL Park owner Gary Harris has filed an objection to disclosure statement in which he continues to assert ownership in the rides, the water company, etc.

In addition, Joe Prischak, owned money by the park, has filed an objection which basically says that the Debtor [CL Park]will not be able to make payments as provided for under Plan. He also says that the payments depend on selling of the non-core properties, and there is no timetable for doing so. It is not known what the AG’s Office position is on the sale of non-core properties, only the Flynn lots.

There has been no confirmation that a payment to be made to the four area government bodies, due to the sale of a Flynn property area, lot has been received.


Greenwood and Amish store plans
Written by Roseanne Staab

Greenwood Township held the July public meeting on Wednesday, the 6th, with Supervisor Cecil Stevenson leading the salute to the American flag. Supervisor Doug Stevenson was also present, but Supervisor Richard Muir was absent.

Secretary Kathryn Spencer took the minutes and there was one citizen present.

The June meeting minutes were approved.

For Public Comment, a man stood to inform the Board that he would like to construct a new Amish surplus grocery store.

He was accompanied by GT Permit Officer, Jesse Arnett.

Mr. Arnett stated that the new store will be 40' x 80', for a total of 3,200 square feet. A semi-truck will deliver the goods, coming in from Rt. 19. They would like the truck to exit via Lake Road, due to a driveway angle.

The Board frowned upon this, due to tonnage limits on roadways; they would prefer that the trucks exit back out on to Rt. 19.

They then asked how many heavy trucks and how often.

The man replied that deliveries would only occur every 5 to 6 weeks.

A discussion ensued with PO Arnett and the Board, pertaining to the necessary sewage and toilet facilities, since the Amish do not use electricity.

The Board instructed Arnett and the man to speak to the GT Sewage Enforcement Officer.

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