CLP lot sale proceeds will pay on legal fees

One of the lots in the Flynn property area at Conneaut Lake Park has been sold and a portion of that money from the sale of Flynn lot #4 is going to the Conneaut School District will be used to pay legal fees.

It has been reported that Attorney Larry Bolla has received the check from the sale - Bolla the attorney representing the government bodies in the case, Conneaut School District, Crawford County and the townships of Summit and Sadsbury - payable to the Crawford County Tax Claim Bureau for $198,486.42.

Bolla is forwarding the check to the CC Tax Claim Bureau and has requested the Bureau issue a check to the school district which will be used to reimburse the attorney’s fees that were advanced and covered by the school district according to the cost-sharing agreement among the four governments.

Conneaut Lake Park, in bankruptcy, owes near $3.5 million to various creditors overall. A hearing on a reorganization plan is scheduled for next week.

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