Headlines for May 23, 2016

Lake council has tunnel concerns, money issues pop up
Written by Roseanne Staab

The Conneaut Lake Borough Council held its May public meeting with Chairman Dick Holabaugh leading the salute to the American flag. Council members Mike Krepps, Penny Monahan, Mayor Timothy Kaider, John Chuey, Billy Paris and Bill Eldridge were in attendance. Councilman Dwight Stallard was absent.

Councilwoman Penny Monahan took the minutes as Secretary Kathryn Spencer has resigned her post.

From the CLCDC, Councilman Bill Eldridge spoke about some art work sculpture to be installed at Fireman’s Beach.

He also informed Council that the contract with CT Consultants is to be amended due to some issues with grant money and approaching deadlines. Some of the projects for the Conneaut Lake beautification project will be merged, but now a new survey must be done by engineers.


Conneautville council deals with Lord Mason Park weed, maintenance care matters
Written by Lisa Houserman

Dedicating more time to park upkeep came to light during the May meeting of Conneautville Borough Council and was discussed at some length under the parks and recreation report.

Even though the borough employees have dedicated more time to such endeavors, Council President Gene Bocan said that it should be more of a priority this time of year.

Councilwoman Sue Joslin mentioned that some of the weeds under the park benches are so high that “they are growing through the holes in the benches.” She went on to say that they try to get residents to keep their yards in order when, at the same time, the park looks unkempt.

The basic request was that more attention be given to such and on a more regular basis.

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