CL Park chair pleads for support for plans

In a letter dated January 19, 2016, and signed by William Bragg, Chairman of the Trustees of Conneaut Lake Park - that letter going out to most of the government officials embroiled in the effort to be paid the back taxes owed by the Park - is seeking cooperation from the Park’s creditors so the Park, as the letter said “...we can satisfy the outstanding obligations from prior Conneaut lake Park operations and position the Park on a path to revitalization and sustainability.”

The letter begins by noting that “the newly formed board of Trustees of Conneaut Lake Park, in cooperation with the Economic Progress Alliance of Crawford County, has been engaged in a major initiative to save and revitalize Conneaut Lake Park. Because considerable time has passed our last formal communications with elected officials affected by Conneaut Lake Park, we are reaching out for the primary purpose of conveying not only our principal goal of making Conneaut Lake Park viable for generations to come, but also our complete understanding that in order to reach that goal we must ensure that we satisfy all of our outstanding obligations to you. In that spirit, and in our effort to fully explain how we intend to satisfy those obligations, we are providing you with the following information.

The letter continues by saying, “We have developed and documented a plan of reorganization to satisfy all back taxes, and to repay other secured creditors over time, while re-visioning and revitalizing Conneaut Lake Park.

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