Headlines for January 18, 2016

Lake Indian being donated to CL Historical Society
Written by David Schaef

A request to lend the Indian statue that sits just inside the doorway as one enters the office at Conneaut Lake Middle School, once Conneaut Lake High School, led the Conneaut School Board of Directors to donate the Indian permanently to the Society.

A motion to do so passed 8-0 when the school directors met in regular monthly session Wednesday evening at Linesville’s Alice Schafer Annex. Present and voting were Don Ellis, Jr., Don Hornstein, Kathy Klink, Cheryl Krachkowski, Dot Luckock, Tim McQuiston, Jody Sperry and David Schaef. John Burnham was absent.

The donation coincides with an effort to make all things Eagle in the district’s school buildings following the district’s mergers of schools from three elementary and three high schools into two K- 4 schools, two 5 - 8 middle schools, and a grade 9 - 12 high school prior to the start of the 2012-13 school year.

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Conneaut Township audit in question
Written by Roseanne Staab

Conneaut Township held a very brief January public meeting on the 12th, with Supervisors Timothy Greig and Josh Fusco in attendance. Supervisor George Greig was present via speaker phone from Harrisburg.

As the former Secretary of Agriculture, George Greig, was attending the 100th annual Farm Show in Harrisburg, as a reunion was taking place there for all former State Ag Secretaries who have held that seat.

Secretary Telce Varee took the minutes and there were 2 citizens present. All stood to salute the American Flag.

There was no Public Comment.

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Conneautville borough council discusses Thatcher Road dam issues at its Jan. 4 reorganizational meeting
Written by Lisa Houseman

Conneautville Borough Council held a reorganization meeting and a monthly meeting, all rolled into one on January 4.

Solicitor Doug Ferguson swore in Mayor Allen Clark and then Clark ran the election for president and vice president.

Gene Bocan will retain his position as the council president and Paula Fields remains the vice president. Council members who were sworn in by Mayor Allen Clark included Gene Bocan, Jerry Carless and Ken Hoovler. Other council members are: Sue Joslin, Tim Prince and Henry Mead. (Mead was absent due to a recent surgical procedure.) Council secretary/treasurer is Joyce McMillin.

The borough banks are First National, PNC and Northwest Savings with Northwest being the main loan bank. The engineering firm is Northwest Engineering.

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