Headlines for January 4, 2016

Judge: Beach Club insurance proceeds to pay on back taxes
Written by David Schaef

Pending any appeals, the bankruptcy judge in the Conneaut Lake Park case, has ruled that a portion of the fire insurance from the Beach Club will be used to pay on back taxes owed the Conneaut School District, Crawford County, and the townships of Summit and Sadsbury.

That ruling came down just before Christmas with an appeal period of 14 days. Wednesday, Dec. 23, was the first day for appeal.

Judge Deller’s opinion in the adversary proceeding involving the insurance proceeds from the Beach Club awards $478,000 to the taxing districts, as he had announced from the bench on November 30, 2015.

Attorney Bolla, who represents the taxing bodies, describes Deller’s opinion as an excellent opinion which adopts all of the major points in the taxing bodies’ pleadings and arguments.

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Conneautville to crack down on unpaid water bills
Written by Lisa Houserman

A main topic during the last Conneautville Borough Council meeting of 2015 was that of past due water bills.

Members of council discussed how the current system works as compared to a more updated version, etc.

Borough worker Jerry Chamberlain said that it takes him a full week to physically read the meters. Water bills are sent out on a monthly basis and the actual reading takes place every three months.

Currently the borough is owed thousands of dollars in past due water bills. Also, there was some kind of computer glitch that unfolded in the past and people were not billed for that time period.

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