Headlines for October 19, 2015

Ghost Lake meets inspection requirements
Written by Roseanne Staab

Summit Township supervisors held their October public meeting with Supervisor Bill Agnew, Lud Zarembinski and Jerauld Smith in attendance. Secretary Cindy McCoy took the minutes and there were 11 citizens present as noted in last week’s report.

It was noted that the Summit Township VFD Chief Gig King has inspected buildings at Conneaut Lake Park that are being used for the Ghost Lake event, as well as the McClure House structure.

Chief King also reviewed locations and obtained floor layout plans of structures at the Park for the ST VFD to review, so that safety concerns could be addressed.

William Walker, Attorney, revisited the blighted property issue within Summit Township. He has filed court papers on several properties with no response from owners. The Bennett party and the Peters party were scheduled to appear before Her Honor Judge Rita Marwood on October 16, regarding blighted property or maintenance violations.

He reminded the Board of the Executive Session to be held at the conclusion of the meeting, regarding the sea wall.

Supervisor Bill Agnew announced that he has had several citizens inquire about permitting other building inspection agencies in addition to MDIA to Summit Township, to conduct inspections for structures, additions, buildings, and also Storm Water Management plans.

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Jim Hoover noted, resident strongly opposes IPMC during CV boro meeting

The October meeting of Conneautville Borough Council started off on an uplifting note as Jim Hoover, who recently announced his retirement, was given an award of appreciation and a monetary gift by council. Hoover was visibly moved by the gesture and thanked council for their kind act. He also said that the borough is in good hands with Jerry Chamberlain on board. Many in attendance and on council voiced thanks for Hoover's work over the years.

After that a resident in attendance, Mr. Banks, addressed grievances pertaining to the recent adoption of the International Property Maintenance Code. The code was adopted during the September meeting after it had been delayed one month so that members of council could further study the issue.

The gentleman began by referring to said code as the “International Property Maintenance Code Communist Manifesto.” After which he asked if it had been read in a thorough manner and, when was told that it had been, expressed dismay due to some of the language contained within.

“You read the governing body hereby declares that it would have passed this ordinance, each section, subsection, clause or phrase thereof, irrespective of the fact that any one or more...be declared unconstitutional? You read that and passed it in America?”, he asked. He continued to say that he had read every word and then imparted a section pertaining to the right of entry. After which, he declared that he owned seven properties and would not be allowing the code official officer to enter any of them.

After referring to Mr. Kulak, who is the officer in question, as a Communist, he proceeded to label council members with the same word. “That is so wrong...this code, I read the whole thing...this code has to go,” he concluded.

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