Headlines for September 28, 2015

New bankruptcy filing impacts CL Park issue
Written by David Schaef

A new wrinkle has been added to the Conneaut Lake Park bankruptcy case as Park Restoration LLC, operator of the Hotel Conneaut inside the park, and the former operator of the burned out Beach Club, has filed for bankruptcy.

Park Restoration, LLC filed its own Chapter 11 bankruptcy case on or about Wednesday, September 16, 2015.

The Park Restoration bankruptcy was transferred to Judge Jeffrey Deller, who is handling the CLP bankruptcy.

Lawyers for the townships [Sadsbury, Summit], Crawford County, and Conneaut School District have filed a request for relief from the automatic stay in order to allow Judge Deller to rule on the insurance proceeds litigation.

In its filing, Park Restoration noted, although just 7 debtors are listed, that it included the 20 largest creditors.

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Progress at the park reported during Conneautville Borough Council meeting
Written by Lisa Houserman

During the September meeting of Conneautville Borough Council, an update concerning the work at Lord Mason Park was discussed.

A woman from the Conneaut Valley Girls Softball Association approached council and imparted that there has been quite a community effort in terms of sprucing up the park. She said Means Flynn American Legion had installed a drainage pipe which is drying out the field quite nicely. In addition to that, a local scout who is working on his Eagle Scout status, has been erecting a new dugout, which is almost complete at this time.

She noted that the backstop will be fixed up as well. She asked council if they could purchase a small shed in which equipment could be stored. There were no objections from council on that subject. She also asked if they would be permitted to place some material that was gathered whilst cleaning the backstop into a dumpster. Council members gave permission for that as well.

She expressed her excitement over the way things have unfolded. Council President Gene Bocan also said that he was thankful for the community effort. “This is an example in our small communities when people pitch in, things really get accomplished,” he said. Councilman Carless also praised all involved in the project as did Councilwoman Joslin and Councilman Prince.

Under the parks and recreation committee report, Joslin said that a bench had been repaired, grass seed had been planted and other projects have been moving along. Borough employee Jerry Chamberlain said that some leaning light poles had been removed as well. All in all, council seemed pleased with the work that has unfolded since the l

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