Headlines for August 24, 2015

Supervisors hear of road concerns
Written By Roseanne Staab

Sadsbury Township supervisors held their August public meeting with Supervisor Kevin VanHonk leading the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag. Supervisors Lyle Hoovler and Bonnie Smith were in attendance. Secretary Rose Mumau took the minutes and there were 22 citizens present.

Under Public Comment, Attorney Bill Jordan took the floor on behalf of some residents to address the Board concerning an access road off of a cul-de-sac at Morningshore Drive. Citizens would like a connector road to access some lake front property.

The Housing Association took an affirmative vote for this action and a letter of recommendation has come from the Conneaut Lake Volunteer Fire Department and Chief Mike Betts. The CLVFD is concerned about EMS vehicles having safe access to houses in this vicinity. The road is narrow and not convenient for large fire trucks and equipment. Snow in winter also limits access of EMS vehicles.

Some of the road exists near one of the golf fairways at the Oakland Beach Golf Course.

Attorney Jordan had a plat from Surveyor Henry Knapp, and he reviewed it with the Board, along with Solicitor R. Charles Thomas. The plat demonstrates the access proposal with ingress and egress of land.

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Hoover resigns, park issues discussed at Conneautville Borough Council
Written By Lisa Houserman

In addition to the eventual tabling of the proposed Property Maintenance Code adoption, other items were on the docket during the August meeting of the Conneautville Borough Council.

All members of council were on hand along with Mayor Clark, Secretary McMillin and Solicitor Ferguson.

Jim Hoover was in attendance in order to present council with his letter of resignation/retirement.

Hoover, who had served in his position for 33 years, read the letter aloud and then exited the building directly after. His last official day will be August 31.

Mr. Greggs, an individual who had filled out a job application for the part time position, took issue with the new hire, Mr. Clint Prince. Greggs stated that he liked him a great deal but did not think it was wise to hire a man who is two years older than the above-mentioned outgoing employee.

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