Conneautville council may adopt property maintenance code

Conneautville Borough Council may adopt a Property Maintenance Code at its meeting on Monday, August 10 - the so-called International Property Maintenance Code that will tell owners of property how much space they must have in bedrooms, how large various rooms may be in their houses and then how buildings are condemned and requiring various permits and collection of fees.

The legal advertisement for adoption of the code appeared in the area’s daily newspaper on Sunday, July 26, and said, if adopted the ordinance would be effective that August 10 date.

An example in the proposed ordinance, section 404.4 - Bedroom and living room requirements notes that “Every bedroom and living room shall comply with the requirements of Sections 404.4.1 through 404.4.5...404.4.1 Room area - “Every living room shall contain at least 120 square feet (11.2 m2) and every bedroom shall contain a minimum of 70 square feet (6.5 m2) and every bedroom occupied by more than one person shall contain a minimum of 50 square feet (4.6 m2) of floor area for each occupant thereof.”

Another part of the code, unless the council has changed it from the standard code says, “A habitable room, other than a kitchen, shall be a minimum of 7 feet (2134 mm) in any plan dimension. Kitchens shall have a minimum clear passageway of 3 feet (914 mm) between counterfronts and appliances or counterfronts and walls. “

Another part says on “Minimum ceiling heights. Habitable spaces, hallways, corridors, laundry areas, bathrooms, toilet rooms and habitable basement areas shall have a minimum clear ceiling height of 7 feet (2134 mm).”

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For additional details about Conneautville council may adopt property maintenance code, as well as the headlines noted below, please purchase a Monday, August 3, newspaper at area locations or a digital download of the paper.

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