Conneaut holds line on budget: no tax increase

There will be no real estate tax increase in the Conneaut School District this upcoming school year that begins July 1, but the school district projects using fund balance to make up the difference between expenses and income.

Expenses are pegged at $36,574,791, while income is projected at $35,345,323.

Expenses over the current year are shown at increasing by $1,187,396, while income is shown as increasing by only $104,447.

It is unknown what, if any, increase may be coming from the state, so that figure is flatlined -listed the same as what it expected in the current year. Any increase in state support will then help lower the difference between expenses and income.

The school district is projecting an increase in this year’s fund balance of $124,357, rather than a decrease with the projected budget listing the spending of $1,229,468 in fund balance. Fund balance was projected to be spent some in the current year’s budget, but the district was able to increase, not decrease, the fund balance as just noted.

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